Webinar on New Self - New Creation

About The Webinar

Many of us are victims of our past. We tend to create a future which is exactly like our past.

All of us want a future where we can be happy, healthy and abundant. But the secret to creating a future you want lies in transforming yourself and discovering a “New You”. Look at a caterpillar. It doesn’t look good, it can hardly move, and it eats a lot. But there is a Butterfly hidden inside this caterpillar.

The caterpillar doesn’t simply wish for a new life. It completely trusts in its New Self and enters a world of darkness or unknown inside a cocoon. It withdraws from its senses and enters the quantum world of possibilities.

There it discovers the Inner Butterfly and transforms itself into the New Self. It shows immense Trust in its true nature.  It simply surrenders to the process and enters the unknown. It emerges as a completely transformed Self, a beautiful and free being.

When we apply the wisdom of the caterpillar in our lives, it becomes possible to discover our Inner Butterfly or the New Self. Life becomes a celebration, filled with beauty and freedom when we discover our “New Self”.

This workshop is for you if you are :

  • Interested in change but postponing it.
  • Lacking Clarity in Life and want to unfold your path.
  • Want to create a life of your dreams but do not know how
  • If you are too much identifying with the past and not able to move ahead
  • Unable to Trust and Surrender to the Divine within
  • Longing for a New Future based on Love, Joy, Health and Abundance

What you learn in this workshop :

  • A simple model for “change”.
  • Identify where you are resisting change and how you are stuck in your Old Self
  • Use Forgiveness, Love, Compassion and Inspiration to Heal and Let go of the Old Self
  • Use your life challenges to step into the Quantum Field of possibilities
  • Touch your True Potential or the “Real You”
  • Experience the Natural Trust and learn how to Surrender
  • Allow the New Self to emerge in its full glory
  • Step into a Beautiful New Future full of Joy, Love, Abundance and Meaning.

In this workshop, you will learn a simple yet powerful three Step process to Discover your New Self :

  1. Old Self (The caterpillar stage)
  2. Entering the Unknown (The Cocoon stage)
  3. Embracing New Self (The Butterfly stage)

In the first step, you will be guided with practical sessions to apply the wisdom, get profound insights and shift your old energies.

In the second step, you will learn the beautiful Art of Surrender and enter the Unknown or Quantum Field of Possibilities. Here you experience your self as pure undivided awareness or Source or Divine Whole. From this undivided wholeness, you discover your natural, utterly simple and profoundly unique New Self. This is who you are and who you meant to be.

In the third step, you consciously embody this new energy and move into this new state. You become the New Self and feel all the qualities of the New Self alive in you. You will step into a new future as this New Self. You learn tools to sustain this New State, Call this New Energy and Feel alive in you a New Future unfolding.

Your Inner Butterfly is waiting for you. Are you ready to free it?


About the Trainer:


Kiran Anumalasetty is a past life regression facilitator and teacher. He discovered his purpose and meaning through the guidance of his teachers Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi Newton, Founders, Quantum Life University. He teaches several self-empowering workshops and seminars in India and abroad. He shares his wisdom from personal experiences and deeply touches the heart and soul of the participants with his compassion, love, and wisdom during seminars.


Please Note:

  • This webinar is not a certificate course, nor is it a training program for attempting counselling or sessions on others. Also, this is not a replacement for any medical treatment.
  • This program is purely for Self Transformation, Self Healing and Spiritual Ascension. Any need for professional therapeutic services must be secured outside of this webinar.
  • After you register for this program, you will receive an email from info@qluglobal.org one day before the program in which you will find further guidelines for the program and how to join the program.
  • This event is being photographed, videotaped, live-streamed, and recorded by Life Foundation. If you don’t want to be in the videos or photographs, it is your sole responsibility to avoid any audio/video portion of this event.
  • We will not be providing the recordings or manuals or PPTs to the participants. So, we request you to kindly pay attention to the class, take notes and fully participate throughout the program.
  • If you need an 80G Receipt, please contact us on accounts@qluglobal.org