Webinar on Awakened Parenting

About This Webinar:

It is a therapy-oriented program that helps to understand and reframe the patterns that disrupt the parent-child bonding. It is often challenging and difficult to get everything right between parents and children. Parents think they mean well and have done all that is possible for the child’s welfare. The child may be holding completely opposite feelings and maybe harbouring resentments against the parents.

Child’s attitude, emotions and behaviour reflect the difficulties that the parents are facing. Parents are often unaware of the patterns within them. There are multiple causes for this unhealthy, damaging and recurring difficulties that a parent-child experience. The secret of healing for the parent lies in decoding the so-called and most unacceptable behaviour in the child. For example, the parent is not able to deal with the habit of telling lies or violence or defiance/disobedience in not studying or indulging in something destructive or unhealthy.

Processes and talks in the seminar will help the participant to recognize and integrate aspects that were hidden and not understood totally.

Unconscious or the subconscious mind plays a significant role in creating and sustaining these damaging influences and difficult conversations that affect the parent and the child.

What exact and precise change is needed for the relationship to turn positive? How can the parent facilitate a healthy response from the child? What are the factors that trigger unacceptable or hurtful behaviour?

The workshop aims to create a possibility for an instant change. Processes will allow reflection and reframe of the ongoing chronic stress between parents and children. It is an opportunity to reach a breakthrough that has eluded us despite the best efforts and intentions. The entire webinar is based on one simple principle that ‘happy parent makes a happy child’.

The webinar will help the process of identifying what exactly needs to change. Then it will help to dis-identify from that phenomenon and bring possibilities for transformation. Also included is a detailed and scientific communication workshop for effective parenting.  Effective communication based on simple understanding and clear methodology helps establish a smooth exchange of energy in this relationship.

Included is a special session by Dr Shradhdha on children and media. Dr Rajul will facilitate the process to integrate the inner parent-child relationship.

We look forward to having an alive and interactive webinar.

Techniques Used In The Seminar:

The techniques used in the seminar are an integration of multiple healing modalities: Emotional release process (EFT), Present process by Michael Brown and Present child process by Janita Venema, inner child work, wisdom from family constellation therapy by Bert Hellinger, Matrix energetics by Dr Richard Bartlett, and insights into effective communication by Thomas Gordon. All this is integrated by years of clinical experience in therapy and advancements in classical homoeopathy. All these modalities come together easily, because of the love-filled wisdom and acumen that we have gained from dear Dr Newton and Dr Lakshmi.

About the Trainers:

Dr. Jayesh Shah has been a practitioner of Homoeopathy in Mumbai for over thirty years. He has contributed to Homoeopathic learning by conducting several hundred seminars globally for professional homoeopaths and physicians. Having worked extensively with childrenof all ages, he is looking to help create healthier bonds for parents, children and families. Dr. Jayesh specializes in conducting several healing workshops (‘A Journey Within’, ‘The Journey Again’, ‘Awakened Parenting’ & ‘Awakened Relationships) that facilitate self-enquiry and healing through meditative techniques and interactive sessions. Deep resolutions of chronic illness can be effected through such journeys.

Dr. Rajul Shah is a consultant Homoeopath since 1981. She works with children, adolescents and parents to foster health within the family unit. She conducts workshops in the 'Emotion Release Techniques' for doctors, educators and home-makers to strengthen participation in treatment among patients. She works with Redikall Healing framework to minimise labelling and to focus on consistent outcomes, especially in chronic disorders.

Dr. Shradhdha Shah is an alumnus of UCL (University College London) with past affiliations with the Stuart Lowe Trust (London), UCL (London), ICHHS (Paris). and the Uniwersytet Adama Mickiwicza (Poland) for qualitative research methods.She is a consultant in Homoeopathy (2007 - until present). The clinical practice is in Mumbai with a focus in auto-immune disorders. She is currently working on an integrative approach in healthcare facilities. This embraces the benefits of guided meditation-based techniques in patient-care. This helps each family assume ownership in recovery and reduces morbidity in long-standing disorders.

Her first publication has been nominated for the Yuva Sahitya National Award 2018 (Award un-announced).

Please Note:

  • This webinar is not a certificate course, nor is it a training program for attempting counselling or sessions on others. Also, this is not a replacement for any medical treatment.
  • This program is purely for Self Transformation, Self Healing and Spiritual Ascension. Any need for professional therapeutic services must be secured outside of this webinar.
  • After you register for this program, you will receive an email from info@qluglobal.org one day before the program in which you will find further guidelines for the program and how to join the program.
  • This event is being photographed, videotaped, live-streamed, and recorded by Life Foundation. If you don’t want to be in the videos or photographs, it is your sole responsibility to avoid any audio/video portion of this event.
  • We will not be providing the recordings or manuals or PPTs to the participants. So, we request you to kindly pay attention to the class, take notes and fully participate throughout the program.
  • If you need an 80G Receipt, please contact us on accounts@qluglobal.org