A Three Hour Webinar on New Self New Creation (Online Program)

New Self New Creation

Cross the River of Change to meet a New Destiny

“To change is to think greater than how you feel” -Dr Joe Dispenza

Our thoughts create our reality. How we think and how we feel shapes our destiny. This is a widely acknowledged fact. However, the real stumbling block many people face is how to change our thoughts and feelings? The workshop intends to address the following questions :

Why is change so difficult ?

What is limiting us from creating a life of our deepest desires ?

How to align our thoughts and feelings to create a new future ?

How to create changes in the physical body to restore health ?

This in-depth program is your opportunity to :

  • Learn the Science of “Change”
  • Understand the road blocks for personal growth, health, success and evolution
  • Heal illnesses, relationships, negative patterns, limiting emotions.
  • Undergo the process of change to discover a New Self and Create a New Future.

Learn and apply easy-to-use techniques to :

  • Discover the qualities of your Old Self and how to overcome them.
  • Walk through the door of Unknown.
  • Come in contact with your Innate Intelligence.
  • Elevate the emotions of Love, Gratitude and Joy in your heart.
  • Create a highly coherent brain and heart.
  • Tune into the Future potentials in the Unified Field.

    Venue: It is an online Program on Zoom Platform

    Date: 25th Mar, 2023

    Timings: 10am to 1pm

    Presenter: QLU Acharya Kiran Anumalasetty

    Program Donation: 4800/- (INR)

    Please Note:

  • You will not receive a participation certificate for this Workshop/webinar, it is not a training program for attempting counseling or sessions on others. Also, this is not a replacement for any medical treatment.
  • This program is purely for Self Transformation, Self-Healing, and Spiritual Ascension. Any need for professional therapeutic services must be secured outside of this webinar.
  • After you register for this program, You will be joined to WhatsApp group in which you will find further guidelines for the program and how to join the program.
  • This event is being photographed, videotaped, live-streamed, and recorded by Life Foundation. If you don’t want to be in the videos or photographs, it is your sole responsibility to avoid any audio/video portion of this event.
  • We will not be providing the recordings or manuals or PPTs to the participants. So, we request you to kindly pay attention to the class, take notes and fully participate throughout the program.


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