A Four Weekend E-Treat on Inner Child Work (online program)

  • Inner Child Intensive E-Treat

    Transformational Certification Program



    (proposed Quantum Life University)


    This is an online program conducted through zoom

    Duration: Four Weekends

    Dates: 7th April to 30th April 2023

    Presented by

    World renowned Spiritual Masters

    Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MBBS, MD

    & Dr. Lakshmi Newton, MBBS



    Every child is born pure, sacred, full of love, joy, creativity, playfulness, spontaneity, and limitless potential. These qualities are the essence of the Inner Child. However, as life goes on, the Inner Child is gradually lost due to various forms of conditioning such as parental, social, and cultural, as well as traumatic incidents experienced during childhood. In order to avoid these painful experiences, the Inner-Child withdraws from the personality. This leads to anxiety, fear, confusion, emptiness, and unhappiness throughout life.

    Traumas faced as a child are often not dealt with in a healthy way when they happen. They leave emotional wounds that do not heal but get hidden overtime.

    The impact of unhealed childhood wounds continue well into adulthood when limiting beliefs, negative elf-image, and relationship challenges become a way of life.


    Who is this for?

    - This Program is for people of ages 18 and above.

    - Individuals who wish to find a new joy and energy in living.

    - Coaches, therapists, counselors, and change-workers.

    - Working professionals, managers, and leaders.

    - Entrepreneurs looking to increase their effectiveness.

     - People wanting better personal relationships.


    Key Benefits

    On rekindling a connection with your inner child, you...

    * Give yourself the love and attention that you needed as a child but never received.

    * Get a chance to make peace with traumatic incidents of the past.

    * Let go of the past and make decisions about how you want your life to be now.

    * Heal the childhood wounds that subconsciously influence your behavior today.

    * Remove your blocks to happiness, success, and peace in life.


    What you will learn

    * Meeting the Inner Child

    * Inner Child Archetypes

    * Childhood Deconditioning Process

    * Inner Child Self-Discovery Games

    * Non-Dominant Hand Drawings and Accessing the Intuitions of the Inner Child

    * Inner Child Wounds and Re-parenting the Inner Child

    * Inner Child Recovery and Healing

    * Nurturing Your Inner Child — Becoming the Nurturing Parent

    * Inner Child Baggage — Recognizing and Healing Self-Destructive Thoughts

    * The Roots of Fear — Recognizing the needy Inner Child that Cries for Love

    * Healing Relationships — Seeing through the needy Inner Child To Light Essence

    * Simple, Uncomplicated Love — Expanding Identity to Being Love

    * Emptiness and Neediness of a Child – Different types of Emotional Energetic Holes (Energetic Holes are developed when an Essential Need is not met as a Child)

    * The Energetics of Voice Dialogue/ Sub-personalities/Disowned Selves


    About the Masters


    Program Format

    The highly specialized subject matter of this program will be imparted through a mix of lectures, experiential processes, and study groups.

  • Lectures:
  • • Audio-Visual Presentations

    • Narrations

  • Experiential Processes:
  • • Guided and Practical Processes by the Masters – Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi Newton

    • Skills for Re-parenting the Inner Child

    • Group Activities for greater healing

    • Hands-on learning sessions

    • Guided Group Meditations

  • Study Groups:
  • Total Three study groups on every Thursday (6pm to 8pm IST) for ICW 1.0 will be conducted by QLU Acharyas or QLU Trainers


    Upcoming Inner Child Intensive E-Treat Details

       Inner Child Intensive E-Treat 2023

    April 7th,8th & 9th

         5 pm to 8:30pm

          Friday, Saturday Sunday

    April 14th,15th &16th

         5 pm to 8:30pm

          Friday, Saturday Sunday

    April 21st,22nd &23rd

         5 pm to 8:30pm

          Friday, Saturday Sunday

    April 28th,29th &30th

         5 pm to 8:30pm

          Friday, Saturday Sunday

                                    * All timings are mentioned in IST  


                                      Program Donation

    Early Bird Offer(Till Feb 28th )      

           ₹ 30,000/-

    Regular Price      


    Repeater(Only those who have attended the Inner Child E-Treat or Six -days Inner Child Retreat )


           ₹ 17,500/-

                                                                                                     * All amounts are mentioned in INR

    Please Note:

    * If anyone misses one or two classes, the video recordings will be accessible to view.

    * Participation Certificate will be given after completion of the E-Treat.

    * All donations support the cause of manifesting QLU. The donations received for this course will be utilized for the ongoing construction works at the QLU campus, Vikarabad.

    * We welcome voluntary donations to support the cause of QLU manifestation.

    * All donations are eligible for exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

    * Persons with the below mentioned health issues are advised not to attend this course:

  • Psychiatric issues such as depression or suicidal tendencies, bipolar disorder, multiple-personality disorder, schizophrenia or any other related or similar issues.
  • Any kind of disability that makes it necessary to use a wheel chair.
  • Heart related conditions such as having undergone angioplasty recently, coronary bypass surgery or any other type of heart surgery.
  • Severe Asthma, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Cancer or any such critical health issues.
  • Pregnant Women or women who have conceived recently.
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    What our students have to say

    NagavalliCherukuri:  “…I healed my Psoriasis, Asthma and all Allergies through Inner Child Work. I transformed my relationship with my parents, my sister, my brother and with myself...”

    Watch the video testimonial here: https://youtu.be/nDSVc-DfUpI


    Dharmesh Chadda: “… Going there( to QLU), I was able to go deeper inside myself. The environment and vibrations at QLU are very powerful. Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi are very approachable and I was able to do the best (for my inner journey)…”

    Watch the video testimonial here: https://youtu.be/84ChotpCWyA


    Sujata Bhalotia: “…After every workshop at QLU, I realized that enlightenment comes at every step. I got more and more enlightened, I got to know myself. I am a completely transformed person after all these retreats. I can see the change in myself and in my surroundings too…”

    Watch the video testimonial here: https://youtu.be/d9N0plBUGKU

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