Reinventing Health

Each one of us wishes to live in a healthy body, yet what keeps us at bay from achieving it. Our limited perceptions lead us to search for resolving health issues by looking outside. Rarely do we try to take a breather and look at it deeply look beyond the body and its connection with mind, emotions and spirit

Radiant Relationships

Many of us face repetitive patterns in relationships, irrational fears of intimacy or abandonment, and emotional reactions to people or situations that seem irrational or without cause. It can also be the instant attraction or discomfort you sometimes feel when you first meet someone

Inner Child Healing

A child is born pure and with unlimited potential. However, the child has specific physical and emotional needs that need fulfilment at every stage of his/her development. But, most parents are unaware of the deeper needs of their child and these unmet needs are expressed in the child’s personality

12-hour Webinar on Spiritual Conception, Pregnancy & Birthing

The future of humanity depends on how we welcome babies into this world. Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing really form a solid foundation for the physical journey of the Soul. These are sacred phases of life and immense spiritual growth is possible for parents

12-hour webinar on Past Life Regression

What you are today is the sum total of your ‘past’, which not only includes your past from the present lifetime but also from all your previous lifetimes as well.The memories and impressions, of each and every moment your past, are stored in your subconscious mind which shapes your personality