***Disclaimer : The dates of the 'in-person' programs are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Important Announcement: Please note that due to the prevailing pandemic situation, some of the 'in-person' programs are postponed to 2022. The new dates will be announced in course of time. The 'in-person'programs that are postponed are ---- Six-day Retreat on Inner Child Work ---- Family Constellation: Transgenerational Healing ---- The Art and Science of Past Life Regression ---- Two-day Workshop on Inner Child Healing (Mumbai) ---- Two-day Workshop on Family Constellation (Pune).


Become a Member

Anyone who resonates with our vision and feels a strong desire to live amongst like minded spiritual masters is welcome to become a part of the Quantum Life University Community. Those who live on the land and are a part of the Life Community understand, must agree to and practice the following guidelines:


  • Recognize and accept Love as our true nature.
  • Are loving, gentle and respectful towards others in thoughts, speech and actions.
  • Have sincere dedication to what ‘is’ rather than what might be.
  • Examine personal motives and surrender to the highest good of all.
  • Are centered and connected to inner source.
  • Love others unconditionally and serve and support in their personal and spiritual growth.
  • Keep communication open and love conscious, active and present as we heal and grow together.
  • Committed to truth not opinion.
  • Every decision made is based on Spiritual Values.
  • Live in accordance to our principles, ethics and guidelines.
  • Offer skills to the community and be a part of the working team.
  • Guests on land will be encouraged to help out for a minimum of two hours a day working on the land or wherever needed to assist in daily activities.