A Two-Day Workshop  On  'Self Mastery'

We are immortal beings who chose to incarnate physically. We are here on this planet to learn lessons and enjoy the beauty of creation. We are here to express our creative abilities, which we have in no lesser measure than the one who created us. We just have to realize this grand truth. We are the sum total of all our previous existences. We stop reincarnating only after we have learnt all the lessons and completed all the experiences that we intended to before we commenced our cycle of incarnations.


Once we understand the true nature of our selves, we need to ground ourselves. By grounding, we mean that we should be rooted firmly in our present and in our environment. Our environment includes everything and everybody we come into contact with during our life. Spiritual growth does not mean withdrawal from our environment by becoming reclusive. The ultimate goal of spiritual growth is to expand our consciousness to encompass the whole universe and thereby merge our individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. Needless to say, such expansion of consciousness is not possible when we exclude anything from our chosen experiences for this lifetime. It is a universal principle that nothing can be excluded, and whenever anything is excluded through avoidance, it gets included later on. This inclusion goes on till our consciousness expands to include that which was previously excluded.

In the light of the above understanding, it becomes imperative for us to stay grounded and go through all the experiences that we chose to have in this lifetime. The most common area of avoidance is our own inner self. Most of us avoid our core issues without ever realizing that we are doing so. We avoid our core issues and develop an external mask that is represented by our ego, which leads us into a false belief that everything is perfect. However, the inner issues have to be dealt with in order to expand our consciousness, achieve self-mastery and thereby attain the state of bliss that we all yearn for.


This advanced workshop on ‘Self-Mastery’ is designed to help you to:

  •  Understand the core issues that prevent you from realizing your true potential.
  •  Identify your deep-rooted fears, learn how to overcome them and transform them into your greatest strengths.
  • Bring spontaneity, creativity and joy into your life.

The workshop is arranged to answer many of your questions and the practical sessions are designed to bring about a transformation in your life. A wide range of audio-video multimedia presentations on related topics would also be presented during this training program to give you the best possible information and enrich you overall experience.


There is no prerequisite for attending this Workshop.


The Workshop includes the following Topics and Practical Sessions:

  •  Presentation on “Basic Fears”:All emotions can be classified into two types- love-based emotions and fear-based emotions. Love brings us closer to The Divine Source, All That Is, Tao, God or whatever we may choose to call it. Fear makes us go away from our source. If we can transform our fear-based emotions into love-based emotions, our lives can be full of joy. For this, we first need to understand our fears. In This lecture, you will learn about these fears and also identify your fears.
  •  Practical Session 1
    • Meditation On How To Transform Basic Fears:In this session you will learn how to transform your fears into your greatest strengths! Once transformed, they become your greatest allies.
    • Presentation on “Self-Sabotaging Patterns”:Every individual has several issues, which are the obstacles in their path towards a happy and contented life. Each of these issues can be traced to a 'core issue'. This core issue is the Self-Sabotaging Pattern for that individual. In this lecture, you will learn about different types of Self-Sabotaging Patterns and how they affect us.
  • Practical Session 2:
    • Practical Session on How to Transform Self-Sabotaging Patterns:In this session, you will learn how to identify and transform your Self-Sabotaging patterns. 
  •  Practical Session 3:
    • Story Meditation: Story Meditation is a unique guided meditation specially designed to understand your true self. 
    •  Presentation on “Shamanic Wisdom”:Shamans are the spiritual healers who have been helping people on the spiritual path since ancient times. Though spiritual healers and masters from different parts of the world are called by different names, the term 'Shaman' is commonly used to describe all these people. In this presentation, you will learn the essence of shamanic wisdom that has been handed down since ancient times by generation after generation of Shamans.
  • Practical Session 4:
    • Shamanic Journey:In this session you will be imparted practical guidance on how to apply the shamanic wisdom in your day-to-day lives.
    •  Presentation on “Soul Retrieval”:Almost everybody would have experienced soul loss at some point of time in life. Whenever we are faced with an extremely painful or traumatic situation, a part of our soul essence goes into hiding so that we can survive what is happening. As a result, we get depleted of our soul essence and go through our lives devoid of a vital part of our self. We often come across people making comments like "this person looks like his soul is not completely present". This actually means that the person is intuitively able to sense the soul loss of the other person. However, it is possible to retrieve the missing soul parts and become complete again. This session covers the subject of soul loss and soul retrieval.
  • Practical Session 5:
    • Soul Retrieval:A practical exercise to retrieve the missing parts of the soul.
    • Presentation on “Creating Realities”:This presentation shows you how it is possible to create your life by creating astral templates.
  •  Practical Session 6:
    • Short Exercise On Creating Realities: This is a practical session to make you realize the power of creation.  
    • Presentation on “A Way to Self Mastery” followed by Meditation: We are all potentially masters of our own lives and by gaining insights into our deeper selves we can achieve mastery on our lives. In this lecture you will come to know 40 insights to gain Self Mastery.

Target Audience

This very intensive workshop is very useful for individuals who:

  • Are interested in identifying and clearing the obstacles that are preventing them from manifesting their highest potential.
  •  Are looking for Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth by discovering their true selves completely devoid of all illusions and pretences.
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