The purpose of the School of Healing at Quantum Life University is ‘Awakening the Healer Within.’ This is aligned to the purpose of Quantum Life University, which is ‘Awakening Wisdom Within.’ Its function is to guide towards self-healing. Every one of us is an infinite being connected to an infinite source. Within each of us lies the capacity to completely come into wholeness. Good physical, emotional and mental health is a natural benefit of self-healing.

Our Physical Body Is Energy Vibrating in different Frequencies

According to spiritual science, ancient scriptures, physics and metaphysics alike, we are components of a universe that consists only of energy – an unimaginably vast matrix pulsing with information in the form of vibration. This matrix has been called the ether, the source field, or more recently the zero-point field. Our system is connected to energy and vibratory information to and from the source field down to our body. A perfect system would be one where this flow is not restricted in any way. Illness occurs when the natural flow of energy in our body is impeded. We have many layers of existence beyond our physical body. The unseen “energy” layers include energy pathways as well as deeper energy layers that have all the encoding about our soul journey. Energy blocks are cleared through the process of healing and we come into an unimpeded flow gradually over a period of time.

We Need to Reclaim Our Natural Healing Powers

An unimpeded flow would result from all the energy fields in our body being balanced and aligned and no blockages existing within our system. How many of us do you think are in this state presently on this planet? Healing is any modality or method that brings our system closer to a perfect state of alignment and balance, free of impediments to the free flow of energy. We are then connected with the information to and from the Source field. Anything that is going to assist the human system in its healing journey has to offer at least one, preferably both, of the following things: energy and wisdom.

The vital energy of healing is the life energy known by many different names – zero point, life-energy, ki, chi, prana, orgone… but perhaps the most familiar and relevant is LOVE. Life energy can be replenished in a person by ingesting vital food, from the sun, from being out in nature, from a healer or a caring person, and directly from the source field through meditation. Getting into a regular practice of meditation is one of the simplest forms of self-healing. Along with meditation, Quantum Life University plans to teach various forms of energy-consciousness and healing processes.  Quantum Life University will help healers to integrate what they have learnt into their own practices, increase awareness all over the world regarding the benefits of using energy-consciousness healing systems, and conduct, promote and support research in this field.

We are energetic systems very capable of maintaining and healing ourselves. We have collectively entered into a state of ignorance about who we are and about what harms us and what can help us heal. We need to start taking back our power, be healed and whole, and together step into a brand new paradigm of wellness.

Healing is Empowerment and Connectedness

Our innate wholeness and connectedness to life is a delicate yet indestructible aspect of our being. We have all experienced moments in life filled with a vast sense of connectedness. Take a moment to think when you last experienced such a moment. These feelings often occur in “peak experiences” perhaps in uninhibited dancing, in companionship, in prayer, in meditation or amongst the beauty of nature. These moments seem charged with life, they scintillate, and we feel larger than our ordinary selves. We allow our dreams to expand, our horizons to broaden; new possibilities open up and these times inspire courage and action. Healing is a return to this fullness, and reclaims the territory of open living. When we live a life rich in these moments of connectedness, we know happiness despite changes in the winds of fortune.

Health Challenges – a doorway to deeper healing

Any kind of a health challenge is a doorway to a deeper healing. It may be that a physical problem heals, but it may also stay awhile to teach us something. Sometimes a health challenge is a doorway to a deeper healing, a cry from deep within for attention to some part of us that has been unloved and feels separated from the Whole. Regardless of whether our focus in healing is on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, all levels are invariably touched by the process, and none can be separated from the rest. Healing is a path of returning our history to its place, firmly in the past, and freeing us up to be able to be present in life afresh, as it is now, moment to moment. As we free our present life from the old patterns of creation we naturally reconnect with our intrinsic wholeness. From here we have the possibility to create our lives from an open perspective, one that compassionately holds the past but is not run by it. This perspective allows us the freedom to discover our potential, realize our gifts and find happiness and connection.

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Research on Healing

Quantum Life University plans to research various healing methods and tools to help a person back into wholeness. Our approach will be a merging of Science and Spirituality. Our function is to teach various forms of energy-consciousness healing systems, help healers to integrate what they learn into their own practices, increase awareness all over the world regarding the benefits of using energy-consciousness healing systems, and to conduct, promote and support research in this field.

In today’s world, medical institutions are shaking hands with alternative healing modalities offered in spirituality. Our medical institutions and training, which once were narrowly focused on the physical aspects of healing, are gradually broadening their scope of healing. Firstly, the emotional and psychological factors which contribute to the manifestation of physical disease are now being given more recognition. More recently, consideration is being given to the impact of spirituality on health and healing. The appearance of spiritual healers in operating rooms, and research on such phenomena as “remote” or “distance-healing,” are an indication that the seemingly separate worlds of science and spirituality are beginning to shake hands.

Quantum Life University will track the progress in the above-mentioned areas and conduct systematic research into holistic health care and healing.

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