***Disclaimer : The dates of the 'in-person' programs are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Important Announcement: Please note that due to the prevailing pandemic situation, some of the 'in-person' programs are postponed to 2022. The new dates will be announced in course of time. The 'in-person'programs that are postponed are ---- Six-day Retreat on Inner Child Work ---- Family Constellation: Transgenerational Healing ---- The Art and Science of Past Life Regression ---- Two-day Workshop on Inner Child Healing (Mumbai) ---- Two-day Workshop on Family Constellation (Pune).

Sahasrara Pyramid

The Sahasrara Pyramid is a Temple of Eternal Universal Wisdom, built with a Powerful Sacred Geometrical Structure. It is one of the most Unique Spiritual Wonders of the World!

•The pathways that lead to the Sahasrara Pyramid are landscaped symbolizing - The Six chakras and the Sahasrara State.

•The Landscape design around the pyramid represents the Swastika Shape. The four parts of the Swastika represent - four of the five elements of nature (Earth, Water, Wind and Fire), and also depict the four directions. Each segment will have a signage representing the color of the element, the zodiac signs, their nature and characteristics.

•The Sahasrara Pyramid can accommodate 1000 meditators in total. The 72,000 crystals placed in this pyramid represent 72,000 Nadis in our body. Purple Crystals at the apex of the Sahasrara Pyramid represent the state of enlightenment.

•The center of the Pyramid has a Thousand-petal Blue Lotus which symbolizes our multidimensional awareness.

•The color blue symbolizes wisdom and the fully bloomed lotus flower symbolizes our enlightenment and love.

•The Sphere on top of the flower resembles a pearl, symbolizing wisdom and feminine energy. The circular ribbed form on the sphere represents - the union of the Male and Female energies.

•The base of the pyramid inside the sphere takes the form of Srichakra.

•The DNA shaped staircase inside the sphere represents primordial Kundalini Energy, and the Conveyance of an elevator to the Golden Pyramid on top of the sphere represents a Quantum Leap.

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Life Foundation is a not-for-profit trust, set up for the purpose of establishing the Quantum Life University (QLU). The vision behind the establishment of the QLU is to deliver the ancient wisdom of spiritual sciences and to awaken the inner wisdom in this modern world.

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            Get your name imprinted on the Sahasrara Pyramid!
            Sponsor one of the 72,000 crystals for INR 5,000
          Sponsor one of the 1,000 lotus petals for INR 1,00,000

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