An Electronics Engineer by qualification, a Spiritual Scientist at heart, Rajashekhar Potluri believes that Spiritual Science helps to understand the nature of our multidimensional existence. His life took a quantum shift when he met Dr. Newton Kondaveti in the year 1993. Dr. Newton's immense wisdom, great vision, compassion and humility inspired him to join his mission to “Awaken Wisdom Within”. He received training from Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi in Past Life Regression, Rebirthing-Breathwork, and Inner-child Work, and is a facilitator in these modalities. He is the Founding Trustee and Managing Trustee of the Life Foundation. A multidimensional person, he is Chief Editor of 'Eternal LIFE TIMES', Secretary of the Association of Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR) and QLU Certified Trainer