Profile Of Founders

Brahmarshi Chakravarti Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MD

Radiant like the morning sun giving sunshine and hope, imbibing trust, a smile that comes from the soul, enthusiasm of a young eager teen, patience of a master teacher, vision of a great man seeing much beyond, calmness of the serene sunset, humility of the great banyan tree giving shade to many, friendship of lord Krishna with Sudama, a wisdom that surpasses many........ Dr. Newton is our NEW AGE ENLIGHTENED MASTER, loved by each and every person who happens to meet him. A mere eye contact with him and something about his vibration manages to stir your being setting you on the path of self-enquiry. 

Named by his physicist father inspired by Isaac Newton, Dr. Newton Kondaveti completed his M.D. from the prestigious Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad. We prefer to call him a Spiritual Scientist! At a very young age he was introduced to Anapanasati Meditation by his Guru Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji, and there has been no looking back since then.

At the age of 17 his father presented him with the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. That was as a step leading to know his potential. This had his engine ignited towards wanting to explore more and know more about the secrets of the soul! As Dr. Newton ventured deeper and deeper into meditation, profound transformation took place making him an enlightened master in 1992. During meditation he saw many of his past lives especially some, where he was a teacher of reincarnation and karma theory, at the prestigious Takshashila University of ancient times. Many students validate this insight as they have experienced Dr. Newton as their teacher at Takshasila Universty in one or more of their past lives.

Dr. Newton along with Dr. Lakshmi his charming companion and wife have done pioneering research in Past Life Regression therapy and have many books to their credit.
They travel the world sharing their wisdom to whosoever is thirsty to know more. Their vision & purpose is mighty and their grit and determination lofty to reach out to more people giving them tools to transform themselves adding joy to self and the world.

Dr. Newton along with Dr. Lakshmi facilitates numerous residential retreats and Training Programs at Life Foundation’s Vikarabad campus established for the proposed Quantum Life University. They conduct workshops worldwide too.

TO ATTEND A WORKSHOP CONDUCTED BY DR. NEWTON AND DR. LAKSHMI IS A SPIRITUAL GIFT. It is indeed the best gift one can give to their self. A true Master empowers you to find all the answers within, trusting your divinity. That is he, Dr. Newton. He says, “Be A Light Unto Yourself”. 

Dr. Newton is like the Krishna of the modern era. Whosoever comes under his fold he plays the role of a charioteer to steer them to the path of the ultimate truth of the soul. He is like Jesus imbibing in all the possibility of unconditional love, the power of forgiveness and the returning to our childlike innocence to enter the Kingdom of God!!!! For all the students who have experienced Dr. Newton, they find a resonance in him to the Buddha..... the ultimate Master. Being around Dr. Newton is like being in the Buddha field where all transformation begins.

LOVE IN A TEACHING ROLE..... This is the best way to describe Dr. Newton.


Brahma Vidvarishta Dr. Lakshmi Newton, MBBS

The fragrance of Mother Earth when the first drops of rain touch the soil, the beauty that adorns a newly bloomed flower, the beautiful rainbow visible at the horizon, the newborn puppy with his eyes closed enjoying the warm caress, the warmest of hugs between a mother and child, the walk in the meadows with your best friend..... All these are the vibrations one feels when one comes in association with the Master that Dr. Lakshmi is.

The fragrance of her soul is so hard to dismiss. It stays on once a person has met her.  Humble to the core and an epitome of love and kindness.  A medical doctor by qualification, MBBS from the reputed Kurnool medical college but a Doctor to the Soul!!! The driving force behind the upcoming Spiritual University at Vikarabad, Quantum Life University. The mammoth task she has undertaken with Dr. Newton Kondaveti her spouse, her soulmate since many lifetimes and a great Master himself. Dr. Newton says that Dr. Lakshmi is his Guru and confirms the views of others about Dr. Lakshmi being a multidimensional being.

Her small frame misleads you behind which is a huge mountain of immense strength. She displays great compassion for the plants and animals alike. She is a strong advocate of vegetarianism, which was inborn in her. At the tender age of two she started displaying her grief over killing of animals and ultimately her family believed that all sentient beings must be shown compassion.

Dr. Lakshmi along with Dr. Newton facilitates all the workshops at the proposed Quantum Life University. Her involvement in every workshop begins even before the workshop begins. This is purely experiential but worth it. She facilitates each and every participant in the workshop with the same ease and care, and takes them under her fold in their upcoming spiritual journeys. Only a Compassionate Master can do the same. Every breath she takes is driven by the purpose of her soul. Completely dedicated to spreading her message of conscious living and spreading love to all plants, animals, and humankind. Very few great Masters are as generous and approachable as Dr. Lakshmi in sharing wisdom with all; her heart lies in the transformation of each soul. She believes that if one person in a family chooses to heal they transform generations to come.  Dr. Lakshmi is known to amalgamate practical solutions with her spiritual wisdom guiding everyone to the Middle path in their day-to-day life.  To hear her speak is mesmerising, she holds the audience in a complete rapture by her unstoppable zeal and her heart driven words. To be in her presence is grace in itself.

Dr. Lakshmi is the Founder of the organisation ‘Angels of the Earth’, which is solely dedicated to caring for the animals. Each issue of the magazine ‘Voice of The Animals’ is dedicated to one particular animal, for its voice to be heard by the whole human race. The first issue was dedicated to Dolphins and Whales - the angels of the ocean. She is the Co-Founder of Life Research Academy, Vice-president of the Association of Regression and Reincarnation Research, and along with Dr. Newton she has co-founded the proposed Quantum Life University (QLU), a Global Centre for learning Spiritual Science, modelled on the lines of the ‘Takshashila and ‘Nalanda University’. The sole purpose of QLU is to ‘Awaken Wisdom Within’ and be a beacon of light to humanity ushering in a new way of living based on awakening Innate Wisdom, Compassion, Peace and Joy. She also teaches many women and children related subjects in the Soul Coach Transformation Programs for eg. Spiritual Pregnancy, Conscious parenting, Child abuse etc.

Mother Earth in a human form would be the best analogy to describe Dr. Lakshmi. Unconditional love, nurturer, nourisher and a Master in her own right. A giver to the core spreading her arms wide irrespective who it is to bask under her umbrella of cool comforting serene love. 

That’s the Master Dr. Lakshmi Newton for us.