Pay It Forward

Why Pay It Forward

It has always been our practice to admit anyone who needed guidance, but was short of funds, to a workshop or a session. However, sometimes there are many who cannot pay, but are as much interested, as the paying participants. When that happens, the workshops no longer support themselves and their facilitator. As a result, workshops get postponed, fewer workshops get scheduled and less people reap the tremendous benefits of this work.

The Seed

We heard this concept of pay it forward from a few of our friends, read a few articles but understood it vaguely. However, it became much clearer to us when Nipun Mehta shared in detail, about how he applies it. He is an amazing person who brought this momentum in many people. And just after a few months, Dr. Newton Kondaveti has found this page in a website: inspired him, and as he shared it with the ARRR team, all the team members felt very connected to this idea. So once again it is proved that when you wish for something with all your heart, the universe orchestrates everything so as to make it come to you.

This simple gesture may also make someone, who is going through a low phase and feeling disconnected from the universe, realize that they’re not alone and that at any point of time we all are connected.

Who Can Help

Anyone who has a little more can contribute to this fund to help another person participate. If you have been helped financially in the past in any other way, here is a chance to return the favor. It may not be for the same person. However, you will make someone feel the way you did, when someone helped you, when you least expected it, and when you needed really it.

Please note that your gift is not tax-deductible, but you can get recognition if you want your name mentioned as a donor.

There are Two easy ways to donate:

1) Make an online payment by cliking the button mentioned below

2) If you come to one of our workshops, your donation or fee for that workshop goes towards the Pay It Forward fund.

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