A Two-day Workshop On “Kundalini Energy”

The word Kundalini is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Kundal’ meaning coiled up. It is the primordial dormant energy present in three-and-a-half coils at the base of the spine in a triangular bone called the Sacrum. The Latin name ‘Os Sacrum’ suggests that it is a holy or sacred part of the body. The Kundalini, which is to nourish the tree of life within us, is coiled up like a serpent and therefore it has been called, ‘The Serpent Power’. The awareness of the presence of this primordial Kundalini energy within the human body was considered to be the highest knowledge.



The primordial cosmic energy in every individual eventually, through the practice of Meditation, rises up the sushumnâ nâdî. As it rises, the kundalinî awakens each successive chakra.


This workshop is designed to help you in the following ways:

  • It helps you to clear the blockages in your Chakras thereby leading to Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual well-being.
  • It helps you in your quest for Transformation and the Flowering of your Consciousness.
  • To Master the energy within you.

This empowering and wisdom based workshop has three main aspects:

  1. Presentations on Kundalini Energy.
  2. Practical Meditations to understand Kundalini Energy.
  3. Letting go of the Past Life Blockages in each Chakra through Specific Meditations.

The workshop is arranged to answer many of your questions and the practical sessions are designed to bring about a transformation in your life. A wide range of audio-video multimedia presentations on related topics would also be presented during this workshop to give you the best possible information and enrich you overall experience. 


There is no prerequisite for attending this Workshop.


The Workshop Includes The Following Topics:  

Power of Kundalini energy, Purpose of Kundalini, Chakras and their functioning, How the Chakras are developed - according to the age of the child, Chakras and past life memories, Chakras and connection with Subtle bodies, Chakras and endocrine glands, Serpentine energy and it’s movements, Union of Yin and Yang, etc.,

Presentation on “The Science of Kundalini Energy”

  • Practical Session 1:
    • Journey Through Chakras and Understanding of Kundalini Energy

Presentation on “Release of Past Life Blocks and The Cleansing of the Chakras”

  • Practical Session 2:
    • Release of Past Life Blocks and The Cleansing of the Lower three Chakras
      • Root Chakra – Survival Fears
      • Sacral Chakra – Sexual Blocks
      • Power Chakra – Power Issues
  • Practical Session 3:
    • Release of Past Life Blocks and The Cleansing of the Higher Chakras
      • Heart Chakra – Issues about Love
      • Throat Chakra – Issues about Communication
      • Third Eye – Clarity of Vision
      • Sahasrara – Multidimensional Nature of the Self

Presentation on “Chakras and it’s Connections with Subtle Bodies and Endocrine Glands”

  • Practical Session 4:
    • Awakening the potential Energy within
    • Mastering the flow of Energy – Opening the Energy Channels
  • Practical Session 5:
    • Union of Masculine and Feminine forces and Completing the Microcosmic Orbit

Apart from the above sessions, there are other practical sessions on Energy perceptions and Kundalini quotient that will help you understand your true energetic nature.

Target Audience

This very intensive workshop on soul-journey, self-discovery, and inner-awakening is very useful for all individuals.

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