I have personally reduced my dependence on medication to practically nil over the years through various inner healing methods

Owing to the fact that I have been practicing divination for a few years now, others usually think of future predictions to be my main domain of expertise, so it’s quite interesting for them to learn that I am also into past life healing. I also find that people are mostly surprised to hear that though I do predict future events in my readings, I always say that one’s future is not always predestined. One reason for this is because being a practitioner of Magick and Wicca for many years (past lives included), I have experienced first hand that one can have a significant control over one’s future and that this can be achieved using higher states of consciousness. However, I also feel that the reason most people find that their destinies are largely unalterable (and hence quite predictable) is that there are loads of past life issues that are buried into the deeper layers of the subconscious and these issues have a way of affecting and shaping our future, in ways unknown to us, until we deal with them. If there is a good way to obtain access to this hidden information from our repressed memories and deal with the issues or blocks that we are carrying from our past, it is past life healing. Training as a past life therapist therefore helped me with just that. To help people see and understand the hidden blocks they carry from their past, that may continue to affect them in ahead, and giving them ways to be aware and to transform these past blockages into clearer energy pathways that help one to flow more joyfully into the future; a future that we create for ourselves.

At a personal level, the topic of past-lives has never been a subject of disbelief for me, being an integral part of pagan spirituality. Yet if there is something I value over and above any belief, it is direct knowledge through one’s own experience. I had some surprising experiences of past life recall while just going through the book Many Lives Many Masters after someone gifted it to me. It was as if just a connection to the subject helped my mind open up and access information from my early childhood to past lives. As dream-working has been an area of my interest, I also felt that if the future can be accessed, sometimes with near-exact clarity, through dreams, past lives could be too. I experienced that intending to know the root cause and to heal a crucial problem in one close relationship just before I went to sleep, helped me have an intense past life dream, the result of which I saw in terms of great personal understanding and healing of that issue within me. I decided to therefore work on how past life information can be accessed through tarot and divination and just as I planned a new event on those lines, it was no coincidence that I was told by my dear friend Nandini that a past life workshop by Dr Newton was taking place in our city on the very same date on which we had thought to hold the tarot event. I am so glad I attended.

After going deeper into my study and training into past life regression and after seeing the wonderful results, I feel that this is yet another subject that should do well if brought out from the label of ‘alternative’ therapy to be in the mainstream. I have personally reduced my dependence on medication to practically nil over the years through various inner healing methods, and have felt a spiritual approach to health being infinitely deeper and more powerful over the long run. It is wonderful that there are so many healers who follow such practices with deep results, yet personally I feel the label of ‘alternate’ usually implies being secondary to a more acceptable form of therapy so qualifications apart I would refrain from calling myself an alternate therapist or even a doctor of alternate medicine, as the term ‘healer’ resonates more with my philosophy. Truly the new age is bringing back many of the ‘olde’ ways of healing into fashion, (and we all know past life is another ancient concept, not a recent discovery). Curing of symptoms in my view is an ‘external’ approach to healthcare and while such an approach to the cure of ailments is quite necessary, sometimes indispensable, depending on the extent of physical manifestation of the inner problem, the underlying causes and the inner source that may very well be beyond psychological and perhaps in past lives, need also to be understood and treated simultaneously for us to say that healing has truly taken place. I have also observed that skills of empathy, compassion and care combined with spiritual and intuitive insights or techniques, are effective in the overall process of healing, and I do like to apply them. It is my conviction that the noble work carried out by people such as Dr Newton, Dr Lakshmi and the Life Research Academy will expand the awareness and acceptance of past life therapy greatly towards a more complete and integrated future of healing.


Swati Prakash

Tarot Card Reader, Mumbai