Dr. Newton has been a source of constant encouragement and support in my process of discovering myself and my purpose in life

I was a Mathematics Teacher at that time and also a Reiki channel. I was accustomed to channeling energy for healing close friends and family. On one such occasion, during the process of healing one of my friends, I suddenly saw one of her ‘past’ lives play before my eyes giving me an insight into the root cause of the problem she was facing in her current life. When I channeled Reiki energy with this new understanding her current life issue was resolved very harmoniously.

Dr. Newton’s workshops have this unique quality of never being repetitive. He constantly updates the knowledge that he imparts, sharing with his students his most recent perspectives and learning in the field of Past-Life Regression and Spiritual Science. As he travels widely all over the world and is himself constantly engaged in an endeavor to learn, experiment with and expand his knowledge base, his students are familiar with and are trained in the widest range of techniques not only in Regression but in self development as well. I daresay that his Regression Training Program is the most comprehensive in the whole world today.

I always knew that the biggest contributing factor that makes a difference between a life filled with love, peace and joy and a life of burden lies in our success in finding the right teacher; someone to guide us and help us navigate through the challenging areas. I consider myself as one of those fortunate ones who has succeeded!

Thank you 
Dr. Newton.


Anuradha Ramesh

Seth Speaker, Hyderabad