There is greater confidence and clarity in thinking. It is easy to find solutions to issues at work – creative ideas just seem to pop out very easily

A journey does not mean only a physical journey; a move from one physical location to another. It can also be from one level of personal development to another level. The latter journey is an incredible, fascinating, personal process. There may not be photographs to show, tickets to buy or a jet setting schedule to follow, but the inner journey is built upon memories, personal goals, achievements, setbacks and the gradual building of inner strength, peace and joy.

I started my personal journey when I attended the Basic two day Workshop conducted by Dr Newton, a renowned Past Life Regression Therapist in Hyderabad, in the month of January 2005. The workshop opened me to the field of inner energies, thoughts, past lives and the undisputable facts that we create our own reality; we are eternal at the soul level. We are spiritual beings living out a human existence. The following year, in December 2006, I attended the six day Past Life Regression therapist programme. It gave me the confidence to delve deeper into the subject of our souls – read more, experience more, be more aware. It is a study that has been wonderful and transforming. The deep, profound changes in myself as I progress on the inner journey are delightful and ongoing. I cannot say that I have arrived, since often I surprise myself with new discoveries about my own self that I was not aware of, at the same time understanding that there is more to travel on this journey. The tools I use are books, meditation, self healing, healing others, learning to channelise the Universal Energy, conversations with like minded people and doing regression sessions for subjects. The combination of these techniques has produced transformations in the different areas of my life as summarized below.

Career: There is greater confidence and clarity in thinking. It is easy to find solutions to issues at work – creative ideas just seem to pop out very easily. New business opportunities are stabilized very quickly and the trusted advisor relationship is growing well with existing clients. Work is great fun – more gets done with less running around. Doesn’t it sound like the ideal job?!

Health: There is a deeper understanding of the link between emotions, thoughts and the manifestations of physical ailments. Regularity in yoga, pranayama and cleansing and energizing of the energy centres allows a general feeling of good health to prevail. I am able to lose weight also. Even migraines disappear within a matter of hours, something for which I have always taken a day off every month for the past twenty years.

Relationships: Today it is easier to handle interactions with a level of maturity, especially where expectations differ. As a recent example, the builder who is constructing our house has forever not kept his word and not delivered in time over the past one year. Earlier, every phone call with him would leave me fuming and annoyed. Today, I am rather amused at his behaviour. I am calm and able to handle the discussions better and am able to tell him objectively what needs to be done, without in anyway polluting my inner space. This gets me what I want without tension. I also find that there is a lot of gratitude, joy and peace in every moment. Laughter comes easily and life seems so simple.

The World Without: The appreciation of the wonderful world we live in, with its varied seasons, flowers, birds, mountains is a satisfying exercise I often indulge in. Earlier, these were almost taken for granted and not thought about. The activity has the benefit of reducing the ego, increasing the humility and filling one with an awe and reverence for Life. As I see people, I feel that they are all manifestations of the One Higher Being and this thought brings in a feeling of oneness rather than separate identities.

The World Within: This is by far the most impacted area. Earlier, I had a habit of thinking often about past injustices, wrongs, criticisms and unfair treatment meted out to me. This would lead to feelings of despondency and moodiness, apart from making me tired and disinterested in many things. The conversations about speaking harshly to those who had hurt me would be recurring dialogues in my head. It was another matter that when I saw the person, I would not say anything rude and be very nice instead. By the process I was following, I was unnecessarily polluting my inner space, creating negative karma for myself and losing the opportunity to enjoy life, without even being aware of it. I was being unkind to myself – and all along my thought was that it was the other person who was doing me an injustice.

I have now either stopped doing this, and even when these thoughts do go around, the circuit is broken very fast. Eckhart Tolle’s book – The Power Of Now, is an excellent reading in this respect, and I constantly go back to it. Because the mind is so freed up of useless chatter and noise, my creative abilities have increased a lot. I write articles, give lectures impromptu and even compose poems on the fly. It is great fun.

Conclusion: I would encourage each one to commence this inner journey. This is the one with meaning, with substance, with value. This is the journey of joy, of fulfillment and of peace. This is the path you are to constantly move on, as you go about our routine activities in your chosen fields. This is the path of achieving your true potential and your destiny. This is the path of conscious living. This is an ongoing journey; there is no final destination to reach, no lifetime in which it ends. Will you also undertake this journey, for yourself?


Dr Akila Jaikumar, Senior VP

Bodh Tree Consulting Ltd., Hyderabad