18 Schools Of Wisdom

Academic Structure

Quantum Life University has Three Jnana Peethas (Wisdom Centres)


This Jnana Peetha focuses on the study of consciousness, which is the fundamental nature of the universe. The Jnana Peetha of Spiritual Sciences has Six Schools of Wisdom:

School of Meditation

 The School of Meditation is the first and most foundational step towards ‘Awakening Wisdom Within’;. Its purpose is to spearhead the movement to ‘Spiritualize Planet Earth’ Its function is to teach Meditation, to increase awareness about Meditation and its benefits, and to promote research on Meditation. It provides a comprehensive training in a wide range of topics of Spiritual Science, teaches many Spiritual practices and provides powerful Spiritual tools for transformation. It prepares Spiritual Masters who are fully equipped to take up the task of teaching Meditation across the world.

School of Reincarnation
We are multidimensional beings having a simultaneous existence in many dimensions of reality. Time travel is possible when we tune in to those parts of us that have access to the past and the future. Past and future both affect our present. By revisiting our past through Past-life Regression, we can learn from it and make peace with it. This enables us to live fully in the present and thereby create a joyful future. By looking at our future through Future Life Progression, we can then align our present choices with the future, thereby unlocking our true potential and channelizing it in the direction of the Highest Good. Life-Between-Lives Regression helps to understand Life Purpose & Soul Plan, and The School of Reincarnation teaches about and conducts research in Reincarnation, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Life- Between-Lives Regression, Time Travel and related topics.

School of Kundalini 

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term for the unimpeded power of spiritual wisdom, transformation and revelation that exists in all of us. It is the power of universal unbounded consciousness as the potential for the individual to know all that lies beyond the confines of the mind and ego. The term “Kundalini” translates quite literally as “the coiled one” and symbolically points to our innate potential power of consciousness which is represented by a coiled spring or a snake, ready to be unleashed. The unfurling of Kundalini’;s power occurs through the process of Kundalini awakening which releases the power of infinite consciousness to impact the mind and body in countless transformative ways. It unleashes the power and potential of your mind and body to function at their very best. More importantly this power opens experiences of boundless love, compassion, wisdom and grace. Ultimately Kundalini brings to you the highest state of consciousness
possible. The School of Kundalini teaches theory & practices related to Kundalini Energy
and conducts research in these areas.

School of Healing & Energy Medicine
The purpose of the School of Healing & Energy Medicine is ‘Awakening the Healer Within’;, by teaching various forms of energy-consciousness-vibration healing systems, modalities and methods, increasing awareness regarding their benefits, helping healers to integrate what they learn into their own practices, and to conduct, promote and support research in this field. Every one of us is an infinite being connected to the infinite source. Within each of us lies the capacity to completely come into wholeness. We are vibrational beings. When our vibrations are harmonious we experience good health. Discordant vibrations lead to disease. Good physical, emotional and mental health is a natural benefit of self-healing. Our approachis a merging of Science and Spirituality, and the goal is to help regain wholeness.

School of Enlighntenment
The School of Enlightenment at Quantum Life University is intended to show us what it truly means to be enlightened. Its purpose is to kindle the spark of Enlightenment within us, to break the myths and misconceptions around Enlightenment, and to show us what needs to be done in order to become enlightened. The wonderful definition of a Master is, “One who started his journey before you”. The School of Enlightenment teaches us about masters who have walked the path before us and shown us the way, so that we can learn from them, draw inspiration from them, pursue our own unique path towards Enlightenment, and then become beacons of light for those who have begun their journey after us.

School of Rediscovery of Scriptures
Most of today’s spiritual sacred texts were written in the ancient world. These jewels reflect upon all spheres of human life and universal existence, uplifting and supporting humanity in expanding our collective consciousness. They provoke self-inquiry to expand our inner knowing, for the Truth of everything is already contained within us. The wisdom therein is represented symbolically through metaphors, parables, and riddles. Decoding them, writing commentaries, publishing lost scriptures, and promoting research in this field brings greater awareness and understanding in our lives. The purpose of the School of Rediscovery of Scriptures is to share the Wisdom of the ancient scriptures in the Light of higher understanding for people to become better, more compassionate beings of Earth.


This Jnana Peetha focuses on the study of phenomena that relate to states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity, also called as altered states of consciousness. The Jnana Peetha of Transpersonal Sciences has Six Schools of Wisdom:

School of Aura

The arua is an electromagnetic field that surrounds not only the human body, but also all animate and inanimate objects existing in this Universe. Humans, animals, minerals, plants, and the Earth all have their own auras. An aura emanates a luminous radiation. All particles of matter, from the tiniest atom to the mightiest planet, are in a state of vibration. The purpose of the School of Aura is to understand the nature of our subtle bodies and their electromagnetic energies, learn about energy fields, how to read auras, and how to apply this wisdom for healing and spiritual growth. The School of Aura will also conduct and promote research in Kirlian photography, Bioenergetics and its applications in Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

School of Third Eye

We are all non-physical beings who have chosen to experience this physical reality. The Third Eye represents the ability to perceive beyond the physical senses and know our Greater Reality. This is the function of the Third Eye: it enables us to see the  un-manifest. The activation of the Third Eye brings us closer to the completion of our incarnations on Earth, and it happens with the constant practice of Meditation and Awareness. The purpose of the School of Third Eye is to help people see everything as a part of the Greater Whole, see and tune into the higher vision, begin to understand archetypal levels in the universe, become aware of our Archetypal Identity. Its function is to teach people practices to open the Third Eye and integrate the resultant experiences.

School of Astral Travel

 Astral travel is the ability of our consciousness to travel through Time and Space using the Astral Body, and other subtle bodies, as vehicles. Although we may not be aware, we all perform Astral Travel during dreams, which are nothing but unconscious astral travel. However, we use the term Astral Travel to describe the process of performing Astral Travel consciously, which allows one to travel practically anywhere in the universe instantaneously. The purpose of the School of Astral Travel is to help us to become aware of the omnipresent, omnipotent, and Omniscient nature of Consciousness. Its function is to teach Astral Travel, conduct research in Astral Travel and related phenomena, and collaborate with similar institutions that conduct significant research in this field.

School of Psychokinesis
Psychokinesis is a form of psychic phenomenon, of mind over matter, through invisible non-physical means. Examples of Psychokinesis are movements of objects, bending of metals and determining the outcome of events through the power of mind. The term Psychokinesis is derived from the Greek word ‘Psyche’; meaning ‘Breath’;, ‘Life’; or ‘Soul’;, and ‘Kinein’; meaning ‘to move’;. Occurrences of Psychokinesis have been recorded since ancient times. They include levitation, materialization, dematerialization, teleportation, and similar phenomena. The purpose of the School of Psychokinesis is to help people understand that non-physical abilities have the power to transcend physical laws. Its function is to teach Psychokinesis and conduct research on this phenomenon.

School of Dreams

Dreams are Transpersonal Experiences, which go beyond the limited reality that we have conditioned ourselves to experience. Within dreams lie the answers to the Greatest Mysteries surrounding the nature of multidimensional consciousness, which is the stuff the universe is made of. During sleep, without the hindrance of the conscious mind, the subconscious travels to the very source of its creation, the un-manifest framework from where all creation springs forth. The purpose of the School of Dreams is to show us how to connect with the source of our creation in a direct and powerful way, through our dreams. Its function is to teach how to remember dreams, interpret them, consciously create in our dream state, and achieve dream mastery. The school will also conduct and promote research in the area of dreams.

School of Mediumship & Channeling
We are in an age of expansion of the collective consciousness. We are naturally becoming more in tune with ourselves, as well as with others from other dimensions. We are returning to an age of enlightenment in which we are discovering who we are and why we are here. Being open to our inherent psychic abilities activates our cellular memories and chakras, raises our frequency, and balances our energy bodies. We have the ability to ‘hear’;, ‘feel’;, and ‘see’;, expanding our knowledge in all areas of physical reality. The purpose of the School of Mediumship & Channeling is to teach us how to access Higher Wisdom by tuning into the vibrations of Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. Its function is to teach Channeling & Mediumship, and to share channeled information for the benefit of the world.


This Jnana Peetha focuses on the study of knowledgethat can be applied practically in order to improve the quality of our lives. The JnanaPeetha of Life Sciences has Six Schools of Wisdom:

School of Spiritual Fine Arts
“Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.” - Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC) Art is the expression of the Divine. It has the ability to command our undivided attention, to make time stop, to stop the incessant chatter of the mind, and to connect us to that place deep within, that contains the Essence of Divinity. It is the expression of the divine. The same quality is seen in Nature. The purpose of the School of Spiritual Fine Arts is to help bring out the Highest Creative Expression that flows in artists and thereby inspire the world in a manner that connects us to our true Essence. Its function is to teach Spiritual practices to artists and enhance their existing connection with the Divine.

School of Holistic Education
The purpose of the School of Holistic Education is to teach ‘living life to the fullest’;, as opposed to conventional education which just teaches ‘making a living’;. This school shows how to extract the juice of life rather than be squeezed and drained by the experience of life. Its function is to teach how to build lives on a foundation of Wisdom, Compassion,Peace and Joy. Such living will make us better at whatever we do in our lives. Spirituality should not become an excuse for escaping from day-to-day life and becoming a recluse. One should follow the middle path by discharging one’;s worldly duties religiously while creating enough time and space to read spiritual books, do sadhana (dedicated spiritual practice) and intermingle with like- minded people.

School of Holistic Economics
The Law of Attraction is a universal law. It states – “Like Attracts Like”. It is stated in the Bhagawad Gita as Yad Bhavam, Tad Bhavati, which means, “As Is The Thought, So Is The Creation”. Like magnets, our thoughts and beliefs attract circumstances and situations that resonate with them. Therefore we attract everything in our experience as a result of our thoughts and beliefs. Success & Prosperity are thus a result of a belief in prosperity, which is termed as Prosperity Consciousness. The School of Holistic Economics teaches the theory and practice of Prosperity Consciousness and shows us how to apply this experiential wisdom in order to create wealth. It guides us to understand the universal laws that govern the creation of not just wealth, but of all creation, and helps us to work in alignment with these laws.

School of Holistic Leadership
To accelerate the pace of change we wish to see in the world, we need to train a new breed of effective leaders. Training is required even for existing leaders of the world. The new leaders need not give up what they are doing and do something different. They just have to do what they are doing differently. The ultimate measure of success is happiness. If our lives are joyful, they are well-lived. If not, then it is essential to change the way we live. The purpose of the School of Holistic Leadership is to bring about this change in the world. Its function is to teach both potential and existing leaders in the fields of Education, Business, Politics, Governance, etc., to align themselves to the Vision of a New World where happiness is the common goal.

School of Holistic Living
“The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts.” This is the principle of holism. We are mostly unaware about the non-physical aspects of our existence and reality. When we operate with only a few of our capabilities in isolation, we cannot achieve our full potential. However, when we become aware of and bring our multidimensional capabilities into alignment, then we can realize our full potential. This is Holistic Living. The purpose of the School of Holistic Living is to teach how to live through the various stages, roles and areas of life such as childhood, adulthood, parenthood, career, relationships, health, wealth, harmony, peace, and more by living holistically. Its function is to help people to embrace the highest potential of what they can be, do or have.

School of Spiritual Agriculture and Animal Welfare
The purpose of the School of Spiritual Agriculture & Animal Welfare is to guide us towards living in greater harmony with the plant kingdom and animal kingdom. In the area of Spiritual Agriculture, It will help us to find spiritual solutions that are divinely guided, natural, holistic and productive – giving the best possible yield while working in alignment with Mother Earth. In the area of Animal Welfare it will help improve our ability to communicate with and harmoniously coexist with animals. This school will teach communication with plants and animals, promote respect and compassion for plants and animals, and promote research in these areas. The School encourages people to leave behind their concrete jungles, live on the land with plants and animals in harmony with Mother Earth.